Bulk Reseller Program

MEGATON offers the most profitable Unix Hosting Reseller Program on the web.
With today's equipment, you don't need dedicated servers, co-located servers or even
a systems administrator. All you need is a company like Megaton to provide a solid platform
and the bandwidth you need for your business operation. We provide you with tech support
and you provide support for your customers. Think of the possibilities. We remain invisible.
No matter what your requirements, Megaton can meet your needs and grow with your company.
If you are quitting business, we may be interested in buying your hosting accounts.

Our $49.95 /mo. Unix Reseller Account gives you:
1,000 MB (1 GB) of storage space and 1 domain;
10 GB (10,000 MB) of monthly transfer.

Additional Monthly Domain Costs:
1-10 domains - 9.95 ea.
11-20 domains - 7.95 ea.
21-30 domains - 5.95 ea.
31-40 domains - 4.95 ea.
51-100 domains - 2.95 ea.
101-200 domains - 1.95 ea.
Over 200 - please call 1-800-308-8402

Additional domain accounts share the storage capacity and bandwidth of your Reseller Account.
Data Transfer/Bandwidth is sub-totaled for each additional account for your records,
monthly transfer over 10GB is billed to your account monthly.

Additional storage space for your main account is
$4.95/mo for each 25mb block.

Transfer over 10GB per month is priced at $.05 per MB.

Additional Virtual Domain Accounts include:

You may impose limits on storage space for your clients.
They share the storage capacity and data transfer (bandwidth) of your main account
Most web sites need less than 1 MB of storage and under 100 MB of monthly transfer.
If you are a reseller
this allows you maximum profits and minimum headaches.

Reseller Account

Setup: 50.00
3 months @ 49.95 (149.85)
*Start-Up Total: $199.85

*Plus InterNIC Fees and additional domains, if applicable.

Additional months are billed quarterly.
Monthly transfer over 10GB, if applicable, is billed monthly.

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